Litigation and ADR

Litigation is the most common case our firm has dealt with. With more than 10 years of experiences of litigation at all levels of jurisdictions, the best interest of the client has always been our prime focus and we always strives to protect and provide a secured legal solution by adhere to the professionalism and zero-corruption principle. 
Although litigation is common, however, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is our preferred choice. Our president and team have successfully settled countless number of disputes through amicable negotiation as well as representing our client at both labor and commercial arbitration as we committed to put our best effort in the deliverance of effective legal solution that is less costly and time saving. 

Our service includes:

-Represent client in all levels of court proceeding in all kind of litigations (civil,   criminal, commercial, labor, etc)
-Represent client in all kind of Alternative Dispute Resolution which includes:
 •Labor Arbitration Council
 •Commercial Arbitration Council
-Represent client in requesting for interim measures
-Represent client in judgement and/or order enforcement

Other Services