Real Estate and Construction

Real estate and construction sector has undeniably played a big part in the contribution to the rapid growth of Cambodia’s economy. Very often, our firm has always been engaged in providing legal advice in term of sell, purchase, and lease of all kinds of properties and we have a team member who serves in several big real estate development company that is competent to draft and advise on the complex legal issues involving this sector. 
Our services include:
-Draft/review on the common to complex Sale and purchase agreement, Lease/perpetual lease agreement of property and/or standard lease agreement for retail stores
-Drafting of escrow agreement in connection with the purchase of property
-Draft/review on the construction agreement and all kind of material supply and     service agreement in connection with the construction project
-Conducting due diligence on the immovable property
-Registration of the immovable property with MLMUPC and DLMUPC
-Registration of perpetual lease

Other Services